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Skiing at Arizona Snowbowl

This post is sponsored by our partners the Visitors Center Bureau of Flagstaff, but our opinions are ALWAYS our own!

When I found out we were going skiing at the Arizona Snowbowl I was surprised.  I called my husband and told him we would need to pack for skiing and his first response was, “there’s skiing in Flagstaff?”.  And to our delight – there is! 

And it’s really good skiing!

From our hotel Little America, the Snowbowl ski resort is about thirty minutes away.  A very easy drive.  And for someone who gets car sick really easily, I can attest that the drive up the mountain is smooth.  I didn’t once think about digging through my purse for some Dramamine.

Once there we were greeted with extremely friendly staff who helped us get ready for the slopes.  Be sure to get to the slopes early – Snowbowl is popular with avid skiers from all over the world so beat the morning rush and get there first thing!

My son who is almost six started the day with snowboarding lessons.  This was absolutely the most adorable thing to watch!  His instructor had him and two other children and she worked with them all morning.  And then after a break for lunch (which they could eat together if they wanted to), they hit the slopes again for more lessons.

My son couldn’t stop talking about the magic carpet aka the moving walkway that brought them ever so slightly up the bunny hill. 

We officially have a child who can’t stop talking about snowboarding.  It was his favorite part of the trip!  Thanks, Snowbowl!

My step-daughter started her day with ski lessons.  She had never been skiing and she was really excited to try something new!  And by the end of her morning lesson, she felt confident enough to tackle the larger beginner hill!  

I decided to stick with my husband and take turns watching our two-year-old who was on skis for the first time.  And he wasn’t even the youngest on the slopes!  Most of the locals said their children started skiing at one.  I was impressed!  And our two-year-old didn’t want to stop.  

Now, my husband grew up going to Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear so I was curious if Snowbowl would be able to satisfy his much more advanced skiing.  {I’m from Iowa and was perfectly content to stick to the beginner hills.}  And he loved it.  There is an express lift that takes you to the expert terrain slope.  From the top, you can see the rim of the Grand Canyon.  Even the most seasoned skier will be excited by the slopes at Snowbowl!

 Fun Facts about Snowbowl

  • Snowbowl is home to Arizona’s longest ski season
  • They offer Terrain Based Learning which has revolutionized the snow industry.
  • Largest beginner terrain in the west.
  • There are just as many things to do in the Summer as there are in the Winter!
  • It is located on the western slope of Mount Humphreys, the tallest point in the state.
  • The Peaks of Mount Humphreys are what remains of an eroded, dormant stratovolcano that was formed between 500,000 and 1,000,000 years ago.
  • You can get married and have a corporate party at Snowbowl
  • They are renovating their lodge as well as bringing in new restaurants!

My kids are still talking about skiing and snowboarding.  They make us watch the videos nightly! 

Being so close to Orange County you can start planning your trip to Snowbowl today!  And you might see me and my family out there on the slopes!

To find out more about our amazing time in Flagstaff click here!




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