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Little America Hotel in Flagstaff

This post is sponsored by our partners the Visitors Center Bureau of Flagstaff, but our opinions are ALWAYS our own!

There are so many wonderful places to stay in Flagstaff.  We stayed at the Little America Hotel. The hotel has just gone through a major renovation and it is gorgeous.

As soon as you enter the lobby you will be swept away by its modern rustic charm.  It’s warm and inviting. My children were obsessed with the gift shop that has to be the nicest gift shop inside a hotel that I have ever seen.  Safe to say I saw a few items I wanted to snag as well!

The location of the Little America Hotel is fantastic.  It is right off of the 40 which makes getting to all of your vacation destinations easy and quick!  I loved knowing we didn’t have to add an additional 15 minutes just to get on the road.  


The rooms are spacious.  We were easily able to fit our family of five in our room which was the standard two queen bed with a pull-out couch.  The modern renovations mixed with the rustic charm take you right out of Orange County.  Being surrounded by the largest population of Ponderosa Pine will do that to you!

I enjoyed visiting the hot tub, while my children loved the playground!  This hotel is perfect for a family with little ones.  After our drive, we needed to stretch our legs and our kids needed to get all of that crazy energy out so a trip to the playground followed by a short dip in the hot tub was perfect!

There is also a fitness center, business center, and swimming pool.  I didn’t have time to go to the fitness center, BUT I could have gone if I wanted to!  

One big thing we loved was the amount of parking available!  Yes, parking is a big thing to us Orange County residents, so knowing that every night when we got back to our hotel from our various travels we would easily be able to park was a big plus for me and my husband.

And did I mention their Silver Pine Restaurant???  Let’s just say this is not your average hotel food.  Filet Mignon and Seared Salmon.  Yes, please!

The staff is also amazing.  If you need anything or have any questions about the hundreds of things to do in and around Flagstaff, they have answers.  It’s like having your own little travel guides right at your fingertips.  And if they don’t know they will find out for you.  

We loved our stay at the Little America Hotel.  Fresh, clean, peaceful and best of all RESTFUL!  That is how the Little America Hotel felt the entire time we were there.

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