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LAX to FLG – Your Vacation Awaits

This post is sponsored by our partners the Visitors Center Bureau of Flagstaff, but our opinions are ALWAYS our own!

Everyone wants to get to their destination more quickly, right?  Especially if their destination is VACATION!  Which is why it is so exciting that American Airlines is now flying non-stop from Los Angeles to Flagstaff!

Starting May 5, 2018, you can fly on American Airlines from LAX and in a little over an hour be in Flagstaff.  Fly in luxury as the flight to FLG includes a first class cabin.  Once you exit the plane you will be able to breathe easy as the hustle and bustle of Orange County fades away and the fresh air of Flagstaff welcomes you.

Just think, on any given Saturday you and your family can arrive in Flagstaff by 4pm – before dinner!  Which means you still have time for shopping in downtown Flagstaff, relaxing by the pool, and dinner under the stars.  

I had the great pleasure of meeting the airport director at Pulliam Airport in Flagstaff and he gave me some fantastic tips about FLG.

FLG Travel Tips

  • Book your trip 6-8 weeks out for lowest ticket price
  • Call the LOCAL rental car company at the Pulliam Airport {Enterprise, National, Budget, Hertz, Alamo, and Avis} If you call the local agent at FLG all of your specific rental car needs will be met with the best service for your arrival.
  • Take a few minutes to visit their Air Cafe which offers fabulous dining. 
  • Let your body acclimate to the elevation change before exerting yourself.

One of the things I absolutely loved about the Flagstaff airport was their phone charger stations.  They are bikes! While I was in my meeting my kids were doing their best to pedal as fast as they could to charge my phone.  Because Flagstaff is such an active city it only makes sense that the activity begins upon your arrival.

My son thought we had walked into Great Wolf Lodge because of how the Airport is designed.  

The other thing I loved about this airport was the ease in which it is to navigate.  Just like our home airport, John Wayne, FLG is smaller, quiet, clean, friendly and a breeze to get in and out of.  And isn’t that what makes flying with a family even better? 

If I can get through security without a meltdown I’m winning at life!  Which is exactly what it is like at FLG!

So what are you waiting for?  Start planning your trip today!

To learn more about my family’s vacation through Flagstaff click here!


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