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Downtown Flagstaff & Beyond

This post is sponsored by our partners the Visitors Center Bureau of Flagstaff, but our opinions are ALWAYS our own!

Corner of Aspen Ave. and San Francisco Street in historic downtown Flagstaff, Arizona.

When we first arrived in Flagstaff we immediately went to the Visitor’s Center which is located right off of old Route 66.  We were greeted by the friendliest representative and began our journey into the downtown area.  There are so many great restaurants, coffee shops, and boutiques.  

I loved all of the unique stores.  One of my favorites was Salt + Peak.  A tiny shop with lots of offer.  If you love artisan candles, body creams, art, and jewelry you will feel right at home.

My children LOVED Sweet Shoppe Candy.  Of course, they did!  Okay, I did too.  Homemade gelato and chocolates, what’s there not to like?  Even my husband who is not a big sweet tooth person couldn’t resist the candy apple licorice.

The feeling you get when you walk around Downtown Flagstaff is an overwhelming sense of calm.  The hustle and bustle of Orange County can sometimes make me crazy, but in Flagstaff, I felt like I could breathe.  Even though we had a lot of things to do I never felt hurried like I often do at home.

My kids had so much fun exploring and especially loved all of the rocks – jumping is basically my two-year-olds favorite thing ever. A perfect place to take all of your Instagram worthy pictures!

But Flagstaff has even more to offer!

On our last day in Flagstaff, we went to the Walnut Canyon National Monument.  The Monument was about a 1o minute drive from where we stayed at Little America.  The canyon was similar to the Grand Canyon in its amazing geological formations.  But the most amazing part of the Monument is that you could actually see where people used to live inside the walls of the canyon!  I mean, unbelievable!  I honestly was shocked at how these ancient people survived on the side of the canyon.  You can visit the pueblos, which we did very, very carefully.

Because there are so many things to do in and around Flagstaff we couldn’t get to everything.  So I have a few items on my to-do and to-visit list!

My NEXT trip to Flagstaff

Flagstaff truly is a vacation destination.  It’s perfect for families who want to get out of Orange County and have a once in a lifetime experience every single day!

To learn more about our vacation in Flagstaff click here!


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