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You Know You Are A Soccer Mom When….

It’s soccer season, which means it’s soccer mom season. Shout out to all the soccer moms out there!

You know you are a soccer mom when:

Your weekends revolve around the game schedule

Just this week I was trying to organise a movie playdate with 2 of my great boy mama friends. Trying to find a Saturday where we are all free and our soccer games did clash was HARD!


Yep you read right. Chairs. Soccer moms spend a lot of time on the side lines. Games, practises. My backpack chair is my saviour. I actually always bring 2 because I always have my little one with me and he’s also partial to a seat!


Snacks are big business for the soccer mom. The kids need something delicious to give them energy at half time and then something to keep them going after the game. Some moms (like me) hit Target and grab goldfish, fruit, and juice boxes to throw at the kids. Other moms create cute little bags or homemade treats. The expert moms get personalised cupcakes or cookies made for the kids (you know who you are and you are AMAZING!). These kids are lucky!

Team parties

Another thing to add to the schedule of the soccer mom. Our team had a pre season party, a mid season party and an end of season party. Anything goes, from pizza parties to swimming parties. Beach days to bounce houses. Just make sure there’s plenty of food. Soccer kids get hungry!

Team wear

I’m not just talking about the kit the kids wear. There’s also coach t shirts, sibling t shirts, baseball caps…. Matching is fun no matter what anyone else tells you!

Soccer mom life

The biggest thing soccer moms have in common is they are giving their child the chance to do something fun. Soccer moms rock!

A short disclaimer: I know there are also lots of soccer dads out there. My husband is one of them. Don’t be sad soccer dads, you are also loved and appreciated for all you do!


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    Great post! You know you are a soccer mom when your piled into a Honda Odyssey!

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