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Run Toddler Run

My toddler is a runner. He is not your average child runner he is a sprinter and extremely fast. He has two speeds: fast and turbo. I guess he channels his inner Lighting McQueen and lives by the mantra: Speed. I am speed.

You can blink your eyes and he is already down the street. I always get painful looks from others as I frantically chase my toddler like a mad woman. It seems worse now as I baby-wear an infant and don’t want to give him shaken baby syndrome.

The comments from people always get me. “You got your hands full”, “I remember those days” and my favorite is “he will keep you in shape”.

In shape maybe but insane yes!

Fun outings like the park, beach, and Disneyland seem impossible at times.

I never thought I would be one of those parents who put their kid on a leash but I get it. Although the leash backpack and arm strap don’t work when your child can take it off himself.

I fear for his safety. Half the time when he turns around to see if I am chasing him (which I usually am) he falls, trips or runs into something. He also thinks the idea of getting run over by a car or trash truck is funny. His response is that mommy can get a new Mason at Target. Nope kid, not the way it works.

I envy those parents whose kid can stand nice and calmly by their side. I understand and embrace that will never be my child.

I pray it’s a phase that he can grow out of quickly. When does common sense or judgment kick in for a toddler? Does it ever happen?

If not I hope that he can channel his energy and speed into something good like being a future track star, or set the record for most inside the park home runs.


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