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The Perfect Shoe For EVERY Mom | Mox Shoes + {DISCOUNT CODE}

This post is sponsored by Mox Shoes, but the opinions are always our own! Use promo code OC10 for 10% now through July 13th!

Mox Shoes are the perfect shoe for every mom.  They are your anywhere shoe.  Mox Shoes are NOT your mama’s jellies!

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Why my love for Mox Shoes?

About two years ago I was graciously gifted a pair of Mox shoes and I have been singing their praises to anyone who will listen ever since.  They are comfortable.  And when I say comfortable I mean there were zero blisters made in the wearing of my Mox Shoes. ZERO.  Every single time I wear my Mox Shoes I get compliments.  Because aside from being comfortable they’re super cute and stylish.  

They are so not your mama’s Jellies.  They’re SO MUCH BETTER!

Use promo code OC10 at for an exclusive discount!

We live in Orange County and the weather is basically gorgeous year-round.  Minus that stretch of unbearable heat.  But when it is oh so hot – we have pools and the beach.  And my Mox Shoes come with me everywhere. I don’t ever worry about sand or water – a big bonus.  And if you ever need to clean them you can throw them in the washing machine!  

Mox Shoes Are Your Anywhere Shoe

Truly you can go anywhere in these shoes and wear them with anything!  Ever since I became a mom I have found it harder to dress up – mainly because my feet refuse to wear heels!  So when it comes time for date night – I often grab my Mox Shoes and pair them with a top and jeans and I’m good to go.  I also don’t mind when we have to walk if there isn’t any parking.  My Mox Shoes have me covered!  

And then there are days when I’m rushing out of the house getting the kids to school and I slip on my Mox Shoes for drop off.  While I may be a hot mess, my shoes make me look like I’ve got it all together.  Thanks Mox!

I like to wear my Mox Shoes when I travel.  It makes getting through the security checkpoint a breeze!  Slip off, slip on done!  And I have to be fast because I have two little boys who are runners!

You can even wear them to Yoga.  And your Mox keep your feet from smelling – like I said these aren’t your mama’s jellies they’re so much better!

Mox shoes are the perfect shoe for every mom because they are made by 2 moms!

Moms know Moms!  Which is why I love sharing about Mox Shoes even more.  These two amazing stay at home mamas created Mox Shoes – a practical solution for women who love their shoes but also need something comfortable, stylish and durable to get through all that the day of a mom will throw at you!

And right now you can take advantage of this amazing discount!  Use code OC10 for 10% off of your Mox Shoe order – and if you’re anything like me you’ve probably got your eye on a few colors.  Like the Emerald!  Or the gold – and the latte. Okay I love them all!

Let’s face it I want several more pairs.  Which works in my favor because if you order 3+ pairs you get free shipping!  And who doesn’t love free shipping?

Mox Shoes make great gifts! Do you have a sister, friend, or teenager?  Consider the gift of Mox Shoes!  They will thank you – TRUST ME!  Be sure to order before July 13th to take full advantage of the discount!

I’ll be chilling by the pool in my Mox Shoes if you need to find me this summer! 

Get your anywhere shoes today – and when I see you walking in your Mox Shoes I’ll be sure to wave and smile. 


Get a pair of your very own Mox Shoes today – use code OC10 through July 13th for 10% off at!

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