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Does OC Laser Lipo Really Work? Yes, Yes It Does! {Before & After Pics}

Disclosure - This post has been sponsored by OC Laser Lipo, but the opinions are all our own!

When I first started my journey with OC Laser Lipo I was slightly skeptical.  How could I possibly lose inches by just laying down?  And while I don’t exactly know how a laser works, I DO know that I have lost a lot of inches!

Thank you, OC Laser Lipo!

OC Laser LipoI am thrilled with my results – but there is something I have to be VERY honest about.  


And when I say I did nothing, I mean I let the laser do everything.  You know how sometimes you see weight loss programs that show amazing results, but then they say something about how diet and exercise are vital to get results?  Well, I didn’t want that.  I wanted complete and utter honesty.

So, I did nothing.  I didn’t watch what I ate.  I didn’t really exercise.  I just let OC Laser Lipo do what it does best – and that is melting inches.  

With that being said it is really important that you drink a ton of water, which I did, and you walk for at least 30 minutes the days you get your treatment done.  And I definitely did those things.  I walked in place while I watched my OC Housewives and melted my fat away.  

I know my results would have been even more amazing with better nutrition and working out, but then it may seem like it wasn’t the laser and let me tell you – all of my results are from the LASER!

I lost over 3 inches from my natural waistline! That’s crazy to me!

My clothes fit better. I feel so much better about myself.  OC Laser Lipo has given me confidence and I am beyond thankful for that.  This journey has jumpstarted my continued healthy lifestyle.  I will begin training for a half marathon after Thanksgiving.  I want to keep off all that the laser melted off!


Here are my amazing results! – This first picture you can see the shrinking of my stomach and the tightening of my skin all around my mom pooch.  But take a good look at the difference in my legs!  The gap between my thighs is much wider and my hips have clearly narrowed.  

OC Laser Lipo

In this next picture from the side, you can see again my mom pooch disappearing.  But also take a look at my thigh/buttocks.  In my results photo, you can see my buttocks clearly taking on a curve and separating itself from my thigh!  And my back fold is almost completely gone.  

OC Laser Lipo

I’m sure this is making you want to try OC Laser Lip, am I right?  Well, you are in LUCK!  Tomorrow at 12PST we will be doing a Facebook Live event with a giveaway!  Want an extra entry in the giveaway?  Like and Comment on this post on FB!  And then when we are live comment on the video!  Got a question about OC Laser Lipo??  Post it below and I’ll be sure to ask them tomorrow!!

And just so you know, OC Laser Lipo is giving Anaheim Moms Blog readers 50% off!!  So book your appointment today!

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