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Flagstaff – A Family Destination & Oddly Arizona

This post is sponsored by our partners the Visitors Center Bureau of Flagstaff, but our opinions are ALWAYS our own!

My family and I recently traveled to Flagstaff, AZ for a family vacation.  In all of my years living in SoCal, I didn’t even realize how close Flagstaff was, let alone all of the amazing things there are to do there!

Even my husband, who was born and raised in Orange County had no idea that there was legitimate skiing in Flagstaff or that it was basically a hub and spoke hot spot.

We absolutely loved our time in Flagstaff.  We spent three entire days there and still didn’t get to do everything that this beautiful city has to offer.  

I couldn’t recommend Flagstaff any higher as a perfect family vacation destination.  Follow our family’s journey on the links below.  You will fall in love with Flagstaff and we won’t be surprised if you plan your trip after this!

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