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You're not crazy, you're a new mom

You’re Not Crazy – You Are a New Mom

I don’t know about you but in my first few months postpartum I did not feel like myself, in fact I felt down right crazy! As a cognitive therapist I help others avoid anxious, negative, and judgmental thoughts. I pride myself on being a good example of this for my clients. However, as a new […]

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5 Things to know about Cloth Diapers

5 Things to know about cloth diapers

  Are you thinking about using cloth diapers?  Do you have a super naggy friend who keeps telling you about the financial and environmental benefits of using cloth diapers?  If so I may be that friend!  I mean, here are a few things you should know before you decide to jump right in.     […]

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Did CaveMoms have it better-

Did CaveMoms have it better?

I often wonder if CaveMoms (yes I made that term up) had it better.  Or maybe the correct term is easier.  Aside from the obvious not having any modern medicine to rely upon and the occasional wild beast storming the camp, did they have less worries? Sometimes I find myself spinning in a world of […]

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