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Why we need to talk to our kids about SHAME

When I was in High School and College I did a lot of stupid things.  Kids tend to make a lot of mistakes during this time of their lives.  They’re growing up. They’re learning how the real world works.  And I wasn’t any different.  There were some things I did that would have been mortifying […]

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Planning a party should be fun not stressful!

First Birthday Partyitis

  When my first child was turning one I knew I wanted to throw a birthday party for him.  Not only to celebrate his year, but also as a celebration for my husband and I.  We made it one whole year!  A party was definitely in order.  However, as I started to plan I quickly […]

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Launch Party!

Launch Party {Recap}

Anaheim Moms Blog Launch Party was held at Painting UR Way in Anaheim Hills.  It was the perfect Thursday evening to kick off the blog and the weekend!   We had a fantastic time learning how to paint amazing pictures.  In addition to the amazing art we all created, we enjoyed lots of treats including […]

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Leap Day Baby

If you could choose to have a leap year baby born on February 29th, would you? This is a question my husband and I posed ourselves when we realized that our second child, whose due date is February 27th, 2016, had a very real chance of being born on leap day which only arrives once […]

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You know you AREN'T From the OC When

You Know You AREN’T From the OC When…

I’m from Iowa.  Moving to California was part of my big adventure as a newly graduated college kid.  I experienced a lot of social changes after moving to the Golden State.  However, nothing quite prepared me for moving to Orange County.  Can you relate to any of these? You aren’t sure what to make of […]

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AMA Skincare {Sponsored Post}

Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post for AMA Skincare.  However, all opinions are 100% our own and we stand by AMA Skincare and all that we endorse. After the birth of my son I started to notice that the “pregnancy glow” on my face had somehow faded into dark patches above my lip.  Something was not […]

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