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First Birthday!

It’s Her First Birthday

It is hard to believe that our baby girl will be turning one this February. We have a lot to celebrate; a whole year of blessings and a year of us surviving as parents to two kids. I’ve thrown five birthday parties for our five year old son and his first birthday was insanely large so […]

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Don't. Call. Me. Cute.

Don’t. call. me. cute.

I’m walking down the hallway of my high school, attempting to navigate the crowd when an extremely tall girl pats me on the head like a puppy.  I realize I am pretty short, 5’2″ isn’t exactly the size of a basketball player, but I also believe it’s taller than most children.  The pat was a […]

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I didn't know these chubby hands would change my life drastically

Chubby hands and sleep deprivation

As I lay on my bed and stare at my wedding pictures hanging on the wall, I feel as if I’m looking at a stranger’s photos. It seems like a lifetime away that my husband and I were that fresh, tan, and energetic couple ready to go on their honeymoon. It was only three years […]

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Kid Friendly Apps

Educational Sites For Your Kids

As a teacher my friends with young children are always asking about learning and the internet. There are so many websites out there for entertainment. Why not find a site that will keep your child entertained and teach skills at the same time?  There are many sites educators use that you may not know about, […]

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New Year Fresh Start

Three Goals This Mama Wants to Keep

Another year has come and gone. I find it funny that we set resolutions each year with good intentions to meet them, but somehow in the midst of being a busy mom, wife, working professional…we’d forget them right around February. Well, this year is different, right? Sure. Let’s set some because it will make us […]

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You're not crazy, you're a new mom

You’re Not Crazy – You Are a New Mom

I don’t know about you but in my first few months postpartum I did not feel like myself, in fact I felt down right crazy! As a cognitive therapist I help others avoid anxious, negative, and judgmental thoughts. I pride myself on being a good example of this for my clients. However, as a new […]

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5 Things to know about Cloth Diapers

5 Things to know about cloth diapers

  Are you thinking about using cloth diapers?  Do you have a super naggy friend who keeps telling you about the financial and environmental benefits of using cloth diapers?  If so I may be that friend!  I mean, here are a few things you should know before you decide to jump right in.     […]

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Did CaveMoms have it better-

Did CaveMoms have it better?

I often wonder if CaveMoms (yes I made that term up) had it better.  Or maybe the correct term is easier.  Aside from the obvious not having any modern medicine to rely upon and the occasional wild beast storming the camp, did they have less worries? Sometimes I find myself spinning in a world of […]

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