Passionate About the Community
and the Moms Who Live Here

You’re Annoying and I love you.

“Mom……you are soooo annoying!” I hear this quite a bit from my teenager and it always suprises me because I am really cool.  Well at least I think I am? I’m a younger mom for having a teenager, I dress fairly hip, we listen to most of the same music and I can hang with some […]

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My Mother's Day Promise

My Mother’s Day Promise

I get frustrated A LOT.  Before I became a mother, I am pretty sure I never used to get this frustrated. I can’t help it! My 4 year-old daughter is “people-stop-us-in-the-street” adorable, but she is precocious, incredibly stubborn, verbal beyond her years and quite defiant. So yes:  IT’S FRUSTRATING!!! A few days ago, I took […]

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What I've LearnedFrom My Modern Family Mom

What I’ve Learned From My Modern Family Mom

Growing up I never knew my family was different. Looking back now through the lens of my own family, I realize that having three half brothers and two step-siblings is a veritable melting pot of temperaments, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Why? Because I was taught how to love unconditionally. I know, […]

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What Were They Thinking-

What Were They Thinking?!

Do you ever see your child’s actions and wonder, WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!  I have those thoughts almost every single day.  It’s only when I start to remember how ridiculous I was when I was a kid that I realize people are weird.  Not only are kids weird, but people in general are weird.  So, to […]

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First child vs. Second child

When I was pregnant with my first child I decided that I would use cloth diapers.  I also was definitely going to breastfeed and obviously make my own baby food.  I would stay at home and focus on my baby.  I didn’t buy many toys because a baby really only needs his mother and imagination. […]

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Dinosaurs inOC

Dinosaurs in SoCal

Does your kid love dinosaurs much as mine? He is a man of few words, but many of those words are ridiculously long dinosaur names that I am amazed he can pronounce! So I went on a mission to find all the places you can find dinosaurs in our area, and here is the definitive list […]

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Grief. We are all different

Grief. We are all different.

In the past few years I have seen some of the people I love dearest experience grief. More recently I experienced it myself, and it has changed me in a way I think will be forever.  I lost my dearest friend.  Life will never be the same.  And yet, I must still live. The thing […]

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