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Social Media Favorites

Social Media Favorites : Snapchat vs Instagram

Social media is all the rage right now – Instagram, Facebook, Periscope, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, and the list goes on. Basically you name it, someone is using it. These days, people use the different social media channels for so many different things. Small business owners are using Instagram to show their items and run their […]

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This isn't how it's supposed to be

What Today Is “Supposed” To Be

Hey y’all – today is supposed to be the Friday Funny.  I know, I look forward to it every Friday too, but if I’m being honest I simply couldn’t find the funny this week.  In fact, I most certainly needed the Funny more than any other week – but I just didn’t have it in […]

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Heather Moulden Real Estate Family Story

Dear Hospital Mom, You Are Not Alone

It was early afternoon, and my hand was stretched through a plastic case gripping on to his hand. His tiny fingers wrapped around my thumb. He writhed from the pain medication, gasping for air. His pulse-ox monitor, and every other machine that was hooked up to him, wildly binging. I felt like it should have […]

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Dol for a Little Seoul- A Korean First Birthday Celebration

Dol for a Little Seoul: A Korean First Birthday Celebration

Birthdays, whether we like it or not, are a universally celebrated milestone.  Jewish culture commemorates with a bar/bat mitzvah, Mexican culture with a quinceañera.  Korean custom does not disappoint with the first birthday or doljanchi (dol). Dol celebrations stemmed from an unfortunate Korean past of high infant mortality rates, harsh climates and childhood disease.  After the age of 1, survival rates steeply […]

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Bloom Event {Recap}

Disclosure :: The Anaheim Moms Blog event is made possible by our amazing partners. Thank you to The Clay Kilbarger Group, Dr Smiths, Fresh Wave, and AMA Skincare. We greatly appreciate their support in making this event possible! Thank you to all the new and expectant moms (and dads!) that attended Bloom - our second event ever - on Saturday, [...]
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You’re Annoying and I love you.

“Mom……you are soooo annoying!” I hear this quite a bit from my teenager and it always suprises me because I am really cool.  Well at least I think I am? I’m a younger mom for having a teenager, I dress fairly hip, we listen to most of the same music and I can hang with some […]

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My Mother's Day Promise

My Mother’s Day Promise

I get frustrated A LOT.  Before I became a mother, I am pretty sure I never used to get this frustrated. I can’t help it! My 4 year-old daughter is “people-stop-us-in-the-street” adorable, but she is precocious, incredibly stubborn, verbal beyond her years and quite defiant. So yes:  IT’S FRUSTRATING!!! A few days ago, I took […]

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What I've LearnedFrom My Modern Family Mom

What I’ve Learned From My Modern Family Mom

Growing up I never knew my family was different. Looking back now through the lens of my own family, I realize that having three half brothers and two step-siblings is a veritable melting pot of temperaments, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Why? Because I was taught how to love unconditionally. I know, […]

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What Were They Thinking-

What Were They Thinking?!

Do you ever see your child’s actions and wonder, WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!  I have those thoughts almost every single day.  It’s only when I start to remember how ridiculous I was when I was a kid that I realize people are weird.  Not only are kids weird, but people in general are weird.  So, to […]

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