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The Thought Process Of A Mom

thought processHow all over the place is your thought process now that you are a mom? 

I mean I was always good at thinking. For better or worse, the thoughts were flowing. 

But it is like you become a mom and you have a new super power to plan, analyze, see the big picture, problem solve, and worry all at the same time.

You know, those times when you are in the shower and by the time you have finished shaving your legs you have solved the energy crisis, or how to better Israel’s relationships with it’s neighbors, or… you know how to get your 3 year old to brush his teeth.

If only moms ruled the world….

So since I can’t hear your replies to my pretty much rhetorical question I am going to just assume you know what I’m talking about and I’m not alone in this.  

And since you totally get it, I’m going to tell you about my latest amazing mind/thought process cyclone that occurred. 

I’m driving home from my office at 8:15pm. It is exactly 10 miles from my house so about a 20 min drive, half of which is freeway driving.

This thought process started about the time I got on the freeway:


  • I invented something amazing that was going to make me millions. Then I realized it was a pretty small target market and might just make me hundreds.


  • Then I started thinking about a particular interaction that happened between two of my family members over a year ago (but in my defense related to an upcoming holiday) and thought, I could write a whole book just about that interaction. Better yet, I could use it in a professional workshop I would like to do.


  • Then I wrote the script for said segment of workshop in my head complete with pictures and jokes to keep people interested. 


  • Then I figured out the theme of said workshop and what other segments would be…and of course a catchy title. (You always need a catchy title.)


  • I then made a mental note to research getting certified to give CEU’s – because people would pay more for a workshop they can get 6 hours of continuing education for.


  • Then I pictured myself closing my practice and being on the speaking circuit. Would I use a headset or a hand mic? Would I get a nanny and bring the kids along or wait until they are older? 


  • Then I remembered two things I needed to put on my husband’s calendar and one thing I needed to ask daycare about.


  • Then I decided this would be a great blog post for Orange County Moms Blog and started to write some of it in my head.


  • As I was exiting the freeway (that’s right, not even home yet) I marveled at how much I can get done in my head in just a short amount of time.


  • Made a mental note not to forget all of this before I got home and could tell my husband how amazing my brain is.

Tired yet??

I got home, put down my bag, walked in and saw my laundry folded neatly on the edge of the couch. Still not put away in my closet and dresser after…trying to remember…I think two days. Maybe three.

I then thought, how can I accomplish so much in one car ride but not have the energy to put away my laundry?!

Snuck in my kids rooms, kissed them good night. Went to bed and took two weeks to remember to write this post. 

Now where did I leave my keys….



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