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I’m going to be the first one to admit that I’m a busy mom.  I’m also going to admit that I went to school QUITE a few years ago and while I know that 7 x 12 = 84, trying to explain why leaves me paralyzed with fear.

Thankfully, there are people who are far smarter than I who have been blessed with the ability to teach.  

I call them tutoring unicorns.  

revos_journey_logo_color_v01Otherwise known as the teachers from Revolution Math.  What exactly is Revolution Math?  Simply put: it is an online, adventure-based learning activity for students in grades 2-5.   This live interactive math program is quickly becoming the favorite after-school activity for both students and parents!  You don’t have to leave your home, you don’t have to spend a fortune at learning centers, in fact, you don’t even have to force your child to go.  WHY?  Because they are going to LOVE their Revolution Math experience!  

Here’s what Dr. DJ Fuller the Advising Director has to say:

Imagine the best teachers in the country could work face-to-face with your child, whenever it was most convenient for your schedule. Through Revolution Math, students work with 2-3 other kids and a dedicated math teacher weekly for 1 hour per session.  Their professional teachers introduce concepts several weeks in advance of schools, helping to build confidence and familiarity with math and alleviating some of the aggravation with homework!   

So how do I get started?  

First, you go to Revolution Math (  and register for your free 4-week trial.  Next, your child and 3 others will meet up once a week with their professional teacher in an online interactive classroom.

You can have them doing their tutor time while you make dinner or when their younger sibling is napping.  Because it’s online it can be done anywhere at anytime!

rev-math-1After you enroll you’ll receive a welcome kit – and trust me your kids will love it. Students will embark upon a math adventure called Revo’s Journey, where they will learn math concepts while solving mysteries and teaming up to tackle decision-based exercises.  The story based learning and interactive principles make this program so much fun your kids won’t even know they’re learning.  They’ll just know they’re having a blast!

No one wants to force their child to sit at the table and do homework for an hour.  We ALL know what a daily struggle that can be.  Thankfully Revolution Math changes that for so many families.

Right now they are offering a 4-week free trial AND if you enroll you can get a FREE iPad Air!  {But hurry that offer is limited!}

Whether your child is struggling with math, needs a little refresher, or even wants to get ahead of the curve – Revolution Math can help!

Got questions or want more info?  Contact [email protected] or call 424.320.3085 He will be more than happy to answer!



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