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Single Life Vacation Packing vs. Packing for Vacation with Kids

Anaheim Moms Blog VacationThree cheers for vacation, am I right?  Every year the Summer rolls around and like most families in America, we are headed on vacation.  

Now that I’m a mom, I’ve realized packing for vacation is completely different than when I was single.  I’ve decided to break it down into categories to drive my point home – and because I’m type A so headings and organization are fun.


Single Life – Shoes were always a dilemma when I went on vacation as a singleton.  First, I had to have the everyday flip flop/sandal shoes.  Then, what if I wanted to go out on a run?  Tennis shoes were a given.  But then evening would roll around and I would need OPTIONS!  Heels, wedges, a few more dressy sandals just to be safe.  In total – at least 8-10 pairs of shoes for a 5-day vacation.  

Mom Life – Flip flops.  {Working out?  HAHAHA definitely not going to happen.  Going out at night?  No, thank you.}

Swim Suit

Single Life – I remember vividly getting at least three or four new swim suits for vacation.  Nothing crazy expensive just some super fun mix and match prints from Target.  They were all cute and of course two pieces. A must for single life vacation.

Mom Life –  One bathing suit.  It’s from a company called Spanx.  And once it’s on it’s never coming off.


Single Life – A quick hop to Victoria’s Secret to make sure I got the cutest prints for my vacation.  

Mom Life – Clean underwear with minimal holes.


Single Life – Matching sets that had short shorts and cute tank tops.  

Mom Life –  Activewear that hopefully doesn’t smell like I actively wore it.


Single Life – Major vacation dilemma here.  The suitcase was generally already stuffed to the brim, but how was I to choose what clothes to wear?  What if it was hot?  What if it got too cold.  I’d need coordinating cold and hot clothes just in case.  And then the going out clothes and the staying in but still looking cute clothes.  Two suitcases would hopefully do.

Mom Life – Exactly two pairs of leggings.  Three tank tops and one sweatshirt, in case it got chilly.  

As I’m currently packing for vacation my mind is ever so often going back to my single life days and remembering how dramatic packing could be.  Yes, it was all about me so that made it a little easier.

But I have to say that becoming a mom has made me figure out what is truly important when packing – and a Spanx swimsuit is TRULY important. Just saying.

Happy Vacation Everyone!

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