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Sex in the Dark {When You Don’t Love Your Mom Bod}

I don’t love my mom bod.  In fact, for the last five and a half years I have been trying to get back to my pre-baby self.  Except I’m failing hardcore.

mom body anaheim moms blogBefore I had children I was in relatively good shape.  I wasn’t super tiny, but looking back at pictures of myself I see a thin person.  I tried to eat healthy and workout.  In fact, I ran a marathon right before I got pregnant with my first son.  I was in the best shape of my life.

mom bod Anaheim moms blog

And then I had kids.

With my first son, the weight gain wasn’t horrible as I was pretty sick.  But I never could lose those last five to six pounds.  And then I got pregnant with #2 and my entire body decided to rebel against me.  I thought that nursing for 14 months would help, but it didn’t.  I thought that going on a really cool diet would work.  And while I did lose weight during my whole 30 experience I couldn’t fully keep it off and then I gained even more back.  

I knew I was supposed to embrace this new found body that I had because it had brought life into the world, twice.  Everywhere I looked there were articles about getting in that Christmas photo because you would regret it if you didn’t.  And loving the new you.  I was also bombarded with moms who seemingly had perfect bodies and had way more to juggle than me and were asking what my excuse was.  My excuse?  This just made me feel horrible about myself.  Everyone else was able to get their body back.  Except me.

Sex in the Dark  

I didn’t even want my husband to see me naked.  If I didn’t like what I saw surely he wouldn’t.  At least that’s what I told myself.  

Every advance my husband made I shrugged off.  I was positive he would be repulsed if he saw me for what I truly was.  I knew my husband loved me no matter what size I was.  But mentally I just couldn’t put the two together.  And the more I pushed him away the more I became ashamed of myself.  

I couldn’t love my mom bod.

Mom Body Anaheim Moms Blog

I felt uncomfortable.  I wanted to hide all of the time.  I prayed for cold weather.  If there was ever a time for the climate to change I was praying it would be in Southern California.  Sweaters and sweatshirts were my best friend.  Until they weren’t.

Until I saw some photos of myself that made my heart sink.  How did I let myself get to this point?  I didn’t even recognize the person in the picture.  I felt hopeless.  I didn’t know if it were even possible to like how I looked again.  Even if I did lose weight I’d still have my mom pooch.

The Mom Pooch

You know, the pooch that comes from pregnancy.  From babies that sat so low on your pelvis, you now have a permanent reminder of them.  THAT POOCH.

I was pretty depressed about my weight.  About the thought that this just might be how I looked for the rest of my life.  And more importantly that this is how I would feel for the rest of my life.  Uncomfortable.  Ashamed.  Embarrassed. I wanted to scream that this person wasn’t me!  

And then, I discovered OC Laser Lipo

After meeting with James and Lauren I felt like there was a solution to my mom bod problem.  Every single question I had they answered.  They made me feel like I wasn’t alone in this struggle.  

OC Laser Lipo uses a laser to help your fat cells release their fat and simultaneously tightening your skin so that you aren’t left with loose skin, aka your mom pooch.  Not only that but it is non-invasive.  Your body is never touched by anything.  

The laser doesn’t kill any of your cells.  So, if you do gain weight back you will gain in it the same places that your body would naturally gain weight.  

Mom Bod Anaheim Moms Blog

It is completely painless and there are immediate results.  

We all want to love our mom bods.  

I’ve just started my OC Laser Lipo journey and couldn’t be more excited.  I’m trying to get back to this girl – the one who posed so confidently in a photo.  With the combination of OC Laser Lipo, a healthy diet, and yoga I know that I can get back to where I feel comfortable and confident.

I’ll be sharing my journey with OC Laser Lipo through the blog and social media.  Follow along.  And be sure to check out their social media as well for more before and afters! Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.





This post is brought to you by our partners OC Laser Lipo, but our opinions are always 100% our own.

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