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Why Orange County Moms Blog?

I was sitting with a potential contributor at Chick-Fil-A trying to eat breakfast and explain how this whole blogging thing works, when the potential contributor asked me, “Why are you doing Orange County Moms Blog?”  The question caught me off guard, mainly because the answer was so obvious to me, but trying to explain it seemed much more difficult.

So, in the hopes of answering said contributor, and maybe some others let me TRY to give my lengthy and incoherent answer some justice.

The simply answer is I started Orange County Moms Blog because I had been praying for a really long time about what I would do as a job that would enable me to still be a stay at home mom.  Someone needed to be able to drop & pick up the kids from school, take them to practices, run the errands, take care of dinner etc.

My husband works freelance in Los Angeles and when he’s on a project there is no way for him to get home quickly.

I had thought about selling LulaRoe or even tutoring, but neither seemed to fit my passion quite perfectly.  Until I found City Moms Blog Network.  I seriously took three seconds thinking about whether or not I would dive into this adventure and I haven’t looked back.  I could stay at home and work?  Perfect.

Then comes the passionate side of why I started Orange County Moms Blog.  See, I wanted to make a difference.  I wanted to empower women.  I wanted to create community.

I NEEDED to not feel like the only mother going through motherhood!

And if I needed it, I was pretty sure there were a lot of other moms who would need it too.

I also love to write, to make people laugh, to encourage others and help others know they aren’t alone.  I love networking and connecting people that will mutually benefit from meeting.  This job seemed to fit my personality to a T.

The other AMAZING part of my job that I didn’t know about until after I signed on was that I became a sister to over 100 other women doing the exact same thing I was doing.  We are a community of mom bosses who are not competitive, conniving, cutting or cruel.  It truly is the unicorn of all jobs and I pinch myself almost everyday because I LOVE it.


And if you are reading this then I hope I have done my job.  I hope you are encouraged, connected, empowered and LAUGHING!

Feel free to reach out anytime, to me, to the contributors, to anyone on the OCMB team!  We are here for you!



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