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An Open Letter To My Son’s Preschool Teacher

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To My Son’s Preschool Teacher,

You are a Goddess among women. You are a Queen. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. You take in other people’s children and you love them like you would love your own child. You have been a gift to our family. A gift that other people just were not able to give to us, and for that I can never express my thanks to you.

I was a teacher myself for 12 years, but even then, I didn’t fully understand the impact a special teacher can have on a child; on a whole family. Without your love and support, I do not believe we would be where we are today. You taught my children to write, to read, to recognise numbers, and to count. But really, you taught him so much more than academics. You taught him what success in school feels like. He has learned how to nurture friendships (which can be so hard for ASD kids). You showed him that nothing limits him, as long as he gives it his best. You BELIEVED IN HIM. Our lives have been enriched by the 3 hours a day you gave to us (and by the countless hours where you gave me advice/took time to talk to me about his progress/listened to my worries).

He’s ready for kindergarten now.

I fully believe that. But I’m not sure any of us are ready to leave you. A preschool teacher takes a toddler and turns them into a little person, ready to face the world of ‘big school.’ I will never know how you can find the patience to nurture 15 tiny and demanding souls. But all I can say is THANK YOU. 

As our preschool journey comes to an end, I just want to say a million thank you’s. The time has come to say goodbye but you’ll always be the teacher who changed everything.

THANK YOU,  thank you, thank you! 


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