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Mommy Works :: A Working Mom’s New Best Friend

How many of us live the working from home dream?  It’s the one where we envision perfect little angels putting puzzles together while we sit at our desk writing emails and making important phone calls.  

Except our dreams are nightmares and every single time we try to do anything we get interrupted 3,000 times by screams and spilled milk.  Sound familiar?  Which is why when I heard about Mommy Works I HAD to check it out!

This genius idea of a place to work and be with your children was the brain child of the owner Amanda Rowoldt who bore it out of her own necessity! 

The very first thing I noticed when I walked in was that it was quiet.  Like, actual quiet happening right there.  And – there were children playing in the play area and yet still quiet! 

Truly a magical unicorn of all unicorns to find.

The space is light and bright and very modern/minimalist which is perfect for knocking out that to do list.  There is an open co-working space and large comfy couch which gives you the option of sitting at a desk or lounging while checking things off your task list.

There is a room with a changing table a couple comfy rockers for mamas who are still nursing.  As well, a pack n play in case your love bug decides to take a glorious nap.

There are two conference rooms one small and one large which could work for interviews, meetings, or any of the many times we working mamas need to simply shut a door and tune out the world.

Free wifi and a place to make or brew your own coffee make Mommy Works the best of both worlds for work from home moms.  

Not only that, but did I mention my son LOVED playing in the play space?  I was able to see the playroom from every seat in the space – making him feel comfortable as he was able to see me and giving me peace of mind.  They also provide a play-room supervisor so you aren’t checking in every two seconds, allowing for more work to be done and less worrying to be had.

The two hours I spent there went so fast.  I was able to get SO much work done.

I love the options Mommy Works gives as far as membership or simply dropping by to work.  And in the summer if you have an older child you can always bring them, set them on the couch with an iPad for a bit and let the little one play with new friends!

Mommy Works also offers events – so be sure to check their event page!

If you are struggling to do ALL. THE. THINGS. while staying at home and working – go to MOMMY WORKS.  You can thank me later.


And don’t forget to check out their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.



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