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Marriage, Motherhood, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Pursuit of happiness

Hold on to your potato launchers. This is going to get silly! I just finished reading another Erma Bombeck book so, I must share what I’ve learned. Plus, I read it around Independence Day, so the lesson is fitting!

The Concept of “Enough”

In addition to making me laugh quietly under my sheets at night, Ms. Erma pointed out – very cleverly – what we’re missing in our pursuit of happiness at home. And, it’s not lighter fluid. In fact, it may actually sound a bit un-American at first. Because what we are missing may be hard for many of us to accept. It’s the concept of “enough.”

Ew! No one has enough in Southern California. We want more!  


But, if I am being honest, wanting more has robbed me of enjoying more of what I already have.

For instance, happiness is not comfort. And, believe me, I’ve gotten comfortable. Last month, I purchased a box of underwear at Costco in front of the Visa kiosk. I was having trouble deciding which print I liked until the Visa lady called out, “I like the ones with the owls.” I wish I could say that this embarrassed me but, it didn’t.  

I got the owl prints. Hooty hoo!


And motherhood, as we all know, is anything but comfortable.

So, we can skip on ahead to the bliss that is child rearing. Trying to keep a home in order, clean, and stocked full of food is no easy feat with little ones around. Managing emotions and navigating developmental progress is even harder. 

That’s why it’s interesting that our forefathers wrote what they wrote about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It’s one of the greatest documents ever written. But, do these words apply to the homestead?  

Let’s ask Erma!

The answer is yes! Having read 62 self-help books in a year, Erma finally decided to look inward. Once she did this, she finally realized that she was enough.

And you are enough, too!  

So, go enjoy your marriage. Even if all you have are owl undies. If they are new, then it’s likely that the inseams aren’t a shredded mess. (My inner thighs chafe, okay)!

And, motherhood is but a season. Enjoy that for what it is, too! One day they won’t be little anymore.

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