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Holding My Babies is My Job

I was holding my youngest baby the other day, he’s two but always my baby, and was getting really frustrated.  I know I shouldn’t have been, but I was.  

Anaheim Moms BlogSee, I felt like holding him was making it so that I couldn’t get things done.  I had a whole list of things to get done and holding him wasn’t in my job description.   

Because my job description consisted of 

  • working from home
  • cleaning the table
  • sweeping the floors
  • starting dinner
  • organizing the desk
  • paying the bills
  • filling out that paperwork for school 
  • deciding if I’m going to join the PTA
  • picking up and dropping off at school

The list goes on and on.

And then as my son finally calmed down and I was able to figure out why he was SO upset {turns out he was really bothered by a snarled toenail.  Kids.  Am I right?} I realized that I was doing exactly what I had planned to do when I decided to quit my job five years ago and stay at home with my kids.

I was being a mother.  A nurturer.  A comfort-give and comfort-maker.  I was his safety.  

Holding my baby WAS my job!

No one else would be me to him.  I am the only mother he has and if I am constantly feeling like taking care of him is taking away from my “real” responsibilities then I know I’ve got things turned upside down.

Sure the house needs to be cleaned and obviously, I need to pay the bills.  BUT if I can’t enjoy the part of my job where I get to simply sit and hold my baby or worse feel GUILTY for doing so then I’ve got to rearrange my thinking.

I am so guilty of measuring myself based on productivity.  I love checklists.  I love crossing out things that I have accomplished.  And never once have I put cuddling my kids as a task to get done during the day.

I’m so sad that I’m like this!

I have to remember that raising my babies is my first job.  It’s the most important job I have.  And cuddling them is the best perk in the world.  

If I get it wrong – clean floors and organized desks won’t matter one bit.



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