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Fun, Cheap, Eco-Friendly DIY Pine Cone Bird Feeder

DIY pine cone bird feederJust because the holidays are over doesn’t mean that you can’t still find fun seasonal crafts to do together with your family. Not only is this DIY Pine Cone Bird Feeder craft an easy activity for kids of all ages, but it costs VERY little and is eco-friendly too! 

Here’s all you need for your DIY Pine Cone Bird Feeder:

Pine Cones (which, if your child is like mine, you already have a small collection of at home because they bring them home from the park like all the time.)

Vegetable Shortening (about 1/2 cup per pine cone. You can also use peanut butter though it won’t have that same white “snowy” look.)

Birdseed (a 2 pound bag goes for like $6 and that will be way more than enough. This is a great way to entertain a big group of kids for not a lot of money.)

Spoons/Dull Knives (Your call depending on how much you trust your children with sharp objects.)

String (we used old ribbons from Christmas presents – another way this craft is eco-friendly!)

DIY pine cone bird feeder

After making all those holiday cookies last month, this is a great way to use up your leftover shortening!

TIP: Do this craft outside. The shortening and the birdseed can get messy, so you’ll be glad to have minimal cleanup. 

Step 1: 

Spread the shortening evenly over the pinecone.

DIY pine cone bird feeder

Make sure to get it on each section. The more shortening, the more birdseed will stick.

DIY pine cone bird feeder

Step 2: 

Roll pine cone in birdseed. We used a cake pan to keep the seed contained, which made for easy clean up afterwards.

DIY pine cone bird feeder

Step 3: 

Once the pine cone is fully coated, tie a string around the bottom stem. You, the grown-up, may need to help with this depending on how far along your child is with learning to tie their shoelaces. 

DIY pine cone bird feeder

Step 4: 

Find a sturdy tree branch to hang your DIY pine cone bird feeder, and check back every day to see how much seed your local birds have enjoyed!

DIY pine cone bird feeder

DIY pine cone bird feeder

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