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How I Found My Lularoe Unicorn Leggings (And You Can Too)

This is embarrassing to admit, but I am obsessed with Lularoe.

Yes, me, a well-educated reader of actual newspapers and snobby snobenstein about town; I have succumbed to this P2P fashion craze. Just two months ago I would’ve laughed if you suggested it. But now I have heard the siren song of those “buttery soft leggings” (and yes, they really are!) and am a member of about 10 million different Facebook sales groups.

My closet has been taken over by Lularoe.

No, I am not a consultant or thinking about becoming one or related to one or best friends with one either. I have just discovered that these clothes are really comfortable and cute (some of them anyway, there are lots of patterns out there that I find hideous). And I enjoy the hunt of finding just the right pair. My “unicorn” if you will. By the way, if you don’t know anything about Lularoe please stop reading and watch this video right now.

As it shows, I’m certainly not alone in my Lularoe obsession (though I will admit, I am the friend she talks about at the end and yes it was worth it)!

OK so now that you know a bit about Lularoe, and the lengths to which I’ll go to find my unicorn, I can tell you that what got me into this Lularoe craze – or LLR as it’s known among the initiated – are these castle leggings. 

Lularoe castle leggings

What’s so great about these leggings? They are “Disney inspired.” That means that by a stroke of genius viral marketing, this design has been deemed by the LLR-buying community to symbolize Disney castles. Even though they are not an exact replica, they are coveted by fans to wear on their Disney Park trips.

If you’ve read my bio, you know I am a Disney girl. So of course, I decided I had to have them. And you know what? Even though they are one of the most desired prints in the Lula-verse, with a little luck, some elbow grease, and just one week of searching, I actually found them.

If you’ve got a specific Lularoe item that you’re dying to find, here are my tips for how to capture your unicorn:

Join some VIP groups with consultants whom you really like.

I have been lucky to find consultants who are really fantastic people (mostly stay-at-home-moms but some adorable wife/husband teams too) who will keep an eye out for your desired item if you ask nicely. Some even have ISO (In Search Of) albums on the pages where you can post of pic of what you’re looking for. I started by joining the ones listed in the Local Consultant Guide on our blog.


BONUS TIP: Look for a Lularoe consultant who lives in your area so you can save on the shipping charge by picking up in person!


Watch the live videos. 

These are sometimes called “Shop the Box” videos. That’s because a consultant will get a brand new box of inventory and open it live on camera.

There is nothing quite like the excitement of seeing someone ripping open the packaging in real time and hoping it’s your unicorn! 

Yes, you may have to sit through an hour of clothing you have no interest in to get to what you’re waiting for. But these videos often happen in the evening because they’re geared for busy moms like us. So I will have it on in the background while I’m cooking dinner or cleaning up after the kids are asleep. I’ve seen many folks get really lucky and nab their unicorn from a live sale like this. You’re also helping the consultants who do these videos hoping to save themselves the trouble of photographing and posting all the items later to their page. 

Look for your consultant to post about Multi Sales.

This is where several consultants across the country join forces and post all their inventory in a joint Facebook group on a specific day of the week. There can literally be thousands of items posted in one multi-sale! Many will do giveaways as well, so this is a fun chance to both unicorn hunt and potentially win a free item.


I’ve snagged a couple free pairs of leggings and many discounts through online giveaways.  


Search the photo albums during the Window Shopping phase, before the sale actually starts. 

This way you’ll know if your unicorn is there and can be ready the second the sale officially opens to comment “sold!” As you probably learned from watching the video above, this is what I did to get my castles. I saw the photo, set my alarm, and (yes, while driving home from Disneyland) pulled over at 4:59pm sharp to be ready to claim them. I had my mom and son in the car yell out when the dashboard clock struck 5pm so I didn’t have to take my eyes off the Post button on my phone. It takes a village, people!


Most importantly: If you really want them, don’t compromise and don’t give up!

After a few days of fruitlessly searching for my unicorn, I was starting to feel like it was an impossible task. The print had been out for many months and was highly coveted, so I just felt like my chances were basically zero. And then exactly one week into my search, I got lucky. (The consultant I bought them from said she showed them in a live video the night before and was shocked no one snagged them there. It could have helped that she lives in Michigan so her clientele might not have Disney on the brain as much as we do here in SoCal.) 


You may be rolling your eyes thinking this is a lot of work for a piece of clothing.

And on one hand, you are right. It is a little crazy.

But on the other hand, the thrill is in the chase, and I really enjoy a challenge. Having to hustle around to get what I wanted made finding them feel like a real accomplishment.

(That said, I’m pretty sure this psychological tactic is written into the Lularoe business plan and that I am their target audience haha!) I wear them now with pride knowing how much work they took to get and that very few other people have them. The bottom line is that these are the most comfortable leggings I’ve ever owned and they’ve gotten me excited to buy clothes again for my post-pregnancy body. You may scoff at my Lularoe obsession, but that’s fine. It just means more buttery soft leggings for meeeeeeeee. 

I want ALL THE LEGGINGS! Lularoe

I made this meme myself. My family may need to do an intervention soon.

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