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Dental Trauma In Children: Helpful Tips

dental traumaUnfortunately, dental trauma can happen at any time! Sometimes, an action as simple as your child trying to pull off a pair of jeans can lead to the knee banging into the mouth and jarring baby teeth loose. Are you prepared? You and I both know when panic sets in, our minds can go blank. Especially when it involves our kids, and maybe even blood.

So what do you do when your child has an accident that involves their teeth? Grab a pen and paper and write down these helpful tips I have compiled over 18 years of practice using AAPD (American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry) Guidelines:


Primary Teeth (Baby):

1. If the tooth hasn’t moved position, call your pediatric dentist for an evaluation.

2. If the tooth has moved position and is loose, try and gently reposition the tooth. This will allow the tooth to heal properly.

3. If the tooth is very mobile or just barely attached to the gum do not reposition the tooth.

4. if the tooth completely comes out DO NOT put tooth back in its socket. The tooth fairy will visit your home during the night! 🙂

5. Lastly, if you cannot find the tooth at all, two things may have occurred. The child has swallowed it (you will see the tooth in the stool) OR the tooth has been pushed back into the gums.

ALL OF THE ABOVE requires a visit to the pediatric dentist for multiple reasons. A radiograph is extremely important to either establish a baseline x-ray or to determine the viability of the tooth and any necessary treatment.


Permanent Teeth:

1. ANY trauma with a permanent tooth should be seen by the Pediatric Dentist.

2. If a permanent tooth is avulsed (comes out completely) either put it back in ASAP or place tooth in milk. If no milk is available then water is the next choice. The best prognosis is putting the tooth back in the socket ASAP.


And that ladies is the dental tip of the day! Hope none of your children have to experience a dental trauma but if they do, now you will have some information to assist you! 


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