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Can You Do Jumping Jacks Without Peeing Your Pants?

Can you do jumping jacks without peeing your pants?  The answer to this question eight weeks ago was absolutely no.

I mean I could maybe get one or two done without peeing, IF my bladder was empty and IF I landed extremely softly.  However, since taking the PeriCoach 8-week challenge I am happy to report that I can, in fact, do jumping jacks without peeing my pants.  

Anaheim Moms BlogNow, like any good exercise I have to keep at it otherwise my results will get loose so to speak.  

But I really like doing my PeriCoach exercises.  Let me break down how it all works.

  • Your device, which comes in a super sleek plastic case, arrives and you immediately charge it.
  • The next day you follow the directions on activating your device and syncing to your phone.
  • You then calibrate the device – this part is pretty fun 
    • If you like playing games on your phone you will love the PeriCoach App.  
    • Especially if you are competitive
      • I am VERY competitive
  • You then follow the app and do your exercises twice a day.  
    • The app tells you if you are doing your exercises correctly.  It also shows how strongly you are performing your exercises.  Which is awesome because as a super type A person I try to beat myself every single time.
    • There are also several levels within each category (beginner, intermediate, etc.) so that you can continue to strengthen and challenge yourself.
  • That’s it.
  • Your pelvic floor is strengthened 
  • Your body and your activewear thank you

PeriCoachSeriously, I am beyond excited about PeriCoach.  And, also – as amazing as the device is, so is their customer service and complete dedication to customer satisfaction.

I had to contact customer service regarding an issue I was having.  Now, they are located in Australia which means our day is their night.  But by the afternoon I had already received a message and a way to resolve my issue.  

The other thing I love about PeriCoach is that it actually works and I can really tell other people about it.  

I was on a plane flying home from vacation and sitting near the restrooms when a line formed.  It was a five and a half hour flight so by hour three people were no longer holding it.

Two women happened to be standing in line right next to me.  They were both discussing how after having children they constantly felt like they needed to use the restroom.  The one woman said she was planning to wait until she was done having children to get the surgery.

The other woman said her grandmother had gotten the surgery, but that it hadn’t helped her at all.  The first woman shook her head and said well, then I guess nothing can help!

Now, normally I wouldn’t interject about a rather private subject on a commercial flight when I’m not even being spoken to, but I just couldn’t help it!  

I told them both about PeriCoach.  They both wrote it down and thanked me.

So many women, including myself, just believe there is nothing to be done, but we are all wrong.  There is a solution.

So, let me ask you again – are you ready to be able to do jumping jacks without peeing your pants?  I know I am!  And good thing – because PeriCoach is giving one unit AWAY!!

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This post is brought to you by City Moms Blog Network & PeriCoach, but as always the opinions are our own.

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