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Anaheim Moms Blog #MomConfessions

#MomConfessions.  We all have them.  Because being a mom is hard, and sometimes you do what you have to do in order to survive.  Am I right?

So, here are a few #MomConfessions from the Anaheim Moms Blog Contributing team.  

#MomConfessions Before kids, I was a total foodie and dined at delicious restaurants several times a week. Today, I ate a dried piece of oatmeal out of my baby’s hair.

#MomConfessions I was ‘the best mummy ever’ today because I bought a bag of candy from Costco. When we got home I picked ALL the grape candies out because ‘purple colouring isn’t good for your brain’ AKA mummy loves grape candies!

#MomConfessions I take my kids to the movies and take a nap in the theater. First time I did it was a mistake. But now I pretty much expect a quick snooze mid-movie. I’m not even sorry!

#MomConfessions When I play hide and seek with my children I “forget” to seek them.

#MomConfessions I told my daughter she didn’t like fruit snacks because I didn’t want to buy them for her.  She definitely likes them.

#MomConfessions Sometimes I let my one-year-old drink my Starbucks coffee drink because I’m just too tired of fighting him about it.

#MomConfessions I told my son that McDonald’s won’t give him a happy meal toy for breakfast or dinner because I hate going there and the only reason he wants to go is because of the toy.

#MomConfessions I picked our family portrait picture because I looked the best in it, even though my son had his eyes closed.

#MomConfessions Sometimes I tell my daughter that I have a special surprise for her in order to get her into the car without a fight.  Then I distract her and hope she forgets the surprise.

#MomConfessions I still have my pre-pregnancy pants that I SWEAR I will fit into.  6 years later…

#MomConfessions If I’m eating something I don’t want to share with the kids, or if we are having dinner when they’ve got to bed and they want to get out of bed to share some I tell them it’s spicy. I can offer anything ‘spicy’ to them with the guarantee they’ll turn it down.

#MomConfessions I dread the day when I stop nursing, because then I’ll have to go back to wearing real bras instead of these comfy nursing tanks I’ve been living in the past year.

#MomConfessions Sometimes I take the long way home from school pick up, detouring up to 15 minutes out of our way, so we can “see the ocean.” Truth is it’s much easier for me to have the kids strapped in their car seats than running amuck in the house.

#MomConfessions On really wild days, I load the kids in their car seats and go through Starbucks. And then just drive around town for an hour – I get to drink my coffee in peace and they can’t destroy anything while buckled in. WIN WIN


What are YOUR #MomConfessions??



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One Response to Anaheim Moms Blog #MomConfessions

  1. Missy April 25, 2017 at 6:56 am #

    Sometimes I may or may not indicate to my son that he is allergic to things I don’t want him to eat or things I don’t want him to do (ha!)