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An Open Letter To My Son’s First Grade Teacher

first grade teacherOur amazing First Grade Teacher. What can I say? You deserve to be given a gazillion dollars a year for the work that you do. Teachers can be so underrated. But I want you to know that, to us, you are a QUEEN. Every day you give your heart and soul to 33 children that are not yours. You have your own family, but you still give so much to other people’s families (even when your own family need you!).

Did anyone ever tell you that every family whose lives you have touched think you are wonderful? If not, consider yourself told! I see how the children look at you. My son is pretty certain that you know everything about EVERYTHING! You are everything a First Grade teacher should be. You are fun yet strict when you need to be, and you make them laugh with you songs and quips. So it’s ok that my son thinks you know much more than I do (let’s be real; you probably do!) because you are giving him something I can’t.

First Grade is such a special year. I’ve watched him grow from a tiny kindergartener to a giant first grader. I’ve seen his confidence grow in a way I didn’t imagine possible because of you. I see the belief he has in himself, and that belief comes largely from you. He sees himself as a reader, a writer, a scientist, an artist, and a mathematician, and YOU did that! But you didn’t just do it for my child. You did it for 33 children, and what an epic achievement that is. 

So from one Mummy to another: thank you. You’ll never know how much we appreciate you! Now go, enjoy your summer with your family. Goodness knows, you deserve it! Just know that 33 families will really miss you next year….


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