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Last Minute DIY Gift Idea For Kids

If you’re like me, and hopefully you aren’t, you’re still scrambling to get those last minute gifts covered.  You might be looking through your garage hoping to score a present that was purchased and forgotten.  But you’ve probably come up empty-handed.

And so you’re either going to have to suck it up and go to Target, again, or make something yourself.  Now, before you yell BUT I’M NOT A PINTEREST MOM don’t worry neither am I!

Which is why when my kids need a last minute gift, maybe for their grandparents or an aunt or a neighbor – I thank my lucky stars that I found PERLERS.

last minute gift ideaWhat are perlers?  Perler beads are the magic melting plastic beads that your children can make absolutely anything with.  And trust me I’ve checked.  There’s literally a pattern for anything and everything.  Harry Potter fan?  No problem there’s hundreds of perler patterns.  

What’s even better is that this last minute gift idea is something that will take your children hours to complete.  




For the most part, until they have about fifteen done and you’re slaving away at the iron.  I haven’t ironed this much in my entire life.  

Once you have the pattern and you’ve waited patiently for your children to complete their design – all you have to do is iron.  

Now, there are two different ways that you can turn this into a last minute gift. 

last minute gift ideaFirst, you can poke a hole in one of the little beads and use thread to create an ornament.  Grandparents love ornaments.  Especially those that are handmade and from the heart.  

The other thing you can do is get some of those magnets that are in your mailbox every week – you know the ones from the realtors or the grocery store or the taxi services.  Cut those magnets up and glue them to the back of the perler. 

You’ll have a last minute gift that your kids will love to create and will be memories for years to come!

Do you have a last minute gift idea – we’d love to hear it!


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