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How I Stay Healthy In A Room Full Of Sick People

stay healthySomehow I have been the strongest link. I have escaped the flu and stomach bug that has wiped out people nationwide and my entire household. I have a toddler in preschool, a husband with an office job, a curious infant that puts everything in his mouth, and go to places where lots of people go. I am a prime suspect for dirt, grime, and illness. Yet somehow I’ve managed to stay healthy. 

I am not part of the great flu shot debate. I am not a doctor, but a stay-at-home mom who gets most of her information from Google, Facebook, and the news. My philosophy is that parents should be responsible for making the best decisions for their children and families whatever it may be.

Here are my top five average mom tips to help stay healthy in a room full of sick people.


I take a ginger shot with lemon and a lot of cayenne pepper almost every other day. I like to feel my eyes tear with so much cayenne. Ginger is great for helping to boost your immunity and fight inflammation. Simply slicing lemon for your water or tea can help boost your metabolism and is packed with vitamin C and powerful antioxidants.


I love sitting in an infrared sauna 2-3 times a week. The detox is amazing and helps me feel less bloated, gives me more energy, and eases my daily body pains. After a 40 minute sweat session I feel like I got a massage, did cardio, and took a nap at the same time. Regular sauna use can increase your core body temperature and help your body fight off disease and infections.


I wash my hands like a crazy person. I use baby wipes, hand sanitizer, Lysol, soap, and gloves daily. I try and use a hand soap with aloe and moisturizer to help keep my hands from drying out. I try and avoid unnecessary contact with people. I’m down to be friendly with friends but I don’t need all the touchy feels. And no, I do not wear a mask. But look how cute these patterned disposable masks are! 

Essential Oils

I never thought I would be one of those oil people but now I am. I have multiple diffusers throughout my house and I make daily shots with combinations of a wellness blend, lemon, tea tree oil, frankincense, and oregano. There are so many great essential oils for all sorts of ailments and treatments. I also use lavender, eucalyptus, wild orang,e and a restful blend frequently.

Work Out

Making time in your day to do something active is a great way to stimulate physically and mentally. I try to mix it up with yoga, Pilates, hiking, and following the trash truck with a double stroller. It’s a lot easier said than done sometimes, but try and schedule your workouts ahead of time to keep yourself accountable.

We are moms and we can’t get sick. So we do whatever it takes to keep the ship from sinking and stay healthy! I’d say rest but we all know that’s impossible!

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