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In Defense of REST

Are you ever tired?  Sorry, that’s a silly question!  The answer is YES.  Always. Constantly. So am I.  And because I was so tired, I decided to do something crazy.  I decided to get some rest.

WHAT??!!  What is this “REST” you speak of??

I know, I felt the same way when I started.  What I’m talking about is not only sleep {which is what most of us are craving} but mental, emotional, obligational, REST.

See I’m generally the type that if there’s a chance to hang out with a friend or do something for a friend I will do it.  Even if that means I’m stretching myself way too thin.  

I do this to myself too.  I set up goals and if I don’t reach those goals I get really upset with myself.  I will often make myself do things just because I “should“.

This way of life was not working for me.  I was tired.  But I didn’t think I was allowed to rest because resting is being lazy, right?  Resting means no housework is getting done and the laundry is not folded and my job-work is not finished.  


Resting will mean that those above-mentioned things will not get done right away.  BUT it does not mean you are lazy.


You are simply giving yourself space to charge.  Just like almost all of our favorite electronics.  They need charging after a long day of use.  And so do we.  

I’ve been allowing myself to go to bed when my kids go to bed.  Yep, that’s right there are some nights I’m in bed and dozing by 9:00.  If I feel like I need it I allow it.

I also don’t feel the need to go to every activity that is available.  Sometimes, in the morning my little one and I will curl up on the couch and chill.  I’ll drink my coffee and read while he plays next to me.  Yep, we are both in our jammies.  

The other night I even canceled plans I had made with a friend because I felt so tired.  I NEVER do that.  Even my husband was shocked!  He was like, you always rally when it comes to hanging with your friends.  It’s true, I usually do.

But this whole REST thing has got me paying more attention to my body.  To my mind and what it needs.  I may not be running marathons on the daily, but I am running after three kids.  My mind is full of things that need to get done, bills that need to be paid and everything else under the sun.  

Mentally I am exhausted.

If nothing else, I’m giving you permission to rest.  Rest your body.  Rest your mind.  Just do it.  You aren’t lazy!  You are taking care of the one body you have.  Your children will thank you.


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