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The 45 Minute Workout That Guarantees Results

After Thanksgiving, I knew I needed a change. My body had become squishy. ALL. OVER. The twins are now 16 months. I had no more excuses. I had been very serious about fitness prior to having children. 

In my youth, I was a swimmer and water polo player.I transitioned to yoga and had a dedicated 4 to 6 day per week practice. I looked good. Now… not so much. I wear some form of spanx-like thing to smooth my bulges everyday. So. Not. Sexy. I needed results… quickly, but naturally. I am not into shakes, pills, cleanses, etc. whatsoever. My diet isn’t terrible (it certainly isn’t perfect either). I’m not afraid of a hard workout. My main problem (along with every other mom) is TIME

I thought about my options:

1.) I can go to the gym. I can, but in order to achieve the results I want with the limited times per week I can actually make it to the gym plus the length of time required in the gym each visit… it’s not an option.

2.) I can go back to yoga. I would have loved that. The transformation wouldn’t have been super swift, but it would happen. The main reason for deciding this was not the route for me is that peaceful feeling I have after doing it. So why is that a dissuasion? Well, because the moment I walk into the door of my home, I will no longer be in that zen-like state. I want to cherish the yoga. Not have to rush back to tend to the kids. I definitely don’t want to lose my yoga buzz within 10 minutes of savasana. Yoga is simply going to have to wait a few more years.

3.) Crossfit. Not my thing.

4.) Mommy boot-camp. I actually tried that. It wasn’t bad, but the times offered were limited, making it difficult to attend.

5.) In-home fitness. So not going to happen. I have tried. Nopety-nope.

So what’s left? I had been hearing from a lot of my ‘mommy friends’ about this great place that was only 5 minutes from my home, the workouts are only 45 minutes and every person I spoke to said that it was an amazing workout. Plus, I’m supporting a local small business. Alright! What have I got to lose?! (Weight, fat, and inches, it turns out)

What is this magical place and what is it all about? I go to House of Burn. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever done before. It is not Pilates. It is not a barre workout. It’s the Lagree Method.

The workout is performed on the Megaformer. It vaguely resembles a Pilates reformer, but that’s where it ends. This machine (and your instructor) will whip your booty (arms, abs, obliques, thighs, back… you name it!) into shape in just a few weeks. It targets slow-twitch muscle fibers to get you long and lean, not big and bulky. It is low impact and incorporates balance, core, strength, endurance, cardio and flexibility throughout the entire workout. Seriously. No gimmicks. This WORKS

After only 3 weeks of attending 3 to 4 times per week, I had lost 10 pounds, nearly 2 inches from my waist/torso, my booty was firmer, arms more toned and I have so much more energy. I am able to fit into some of my non-pregnancy clothes again! Dramatic change achieved. 

I am not going to sugarcoat it; this workout is brutal.

You will develop a love/hate relationship. I can attest that this is true.

During the workout, you are sweating and shaking (and possibly also wishing you were dead and/or that you want to kill her or whomever else may be your instructor). And then, just when you think you can’t take anymore… it’s over. You feel amazing. You say to yourself, “I can’t wait to come back tomorrow. I’m going to kill it!”

And this is the case for everyone I have spoken with in each session. EVERYONE feels the same way. EVERYONE is working their butts off. EVERYONE (regardless of how strong/fit/skinny they are–or not) is struggling throughout the workout. 

Unfortunately, I was not thinking that I would love it so much and be sharing it with you. As such, I don’t have a before/after shot. As mentioned, this really works. I am hooked. So are many celebrities whose bodies we envy, like Sofia Vergara.  

Simply go to to find a Lagree Method studio in your area. 


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