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How Life Got In The Way, Part I: Pelvic (“Lady Parts”) Surgery

surgeryHello Friends! It’s been a while. Actually, nearly a year. I’ve had lots of run-ins with you in the real world and I keep hearing, “I haven’t seen you post anything lately….”

Why the sabbatical? Life got complicated. Fast. Where do I begin…?

It all started with surgery.

No, not the cosmetic kind. More along the lines of, Part 1 of 2: Fix My “Lady Parts,” kind of surgery. Maria, our fearless Orange County Moms Blog leader, wrote a wonderful post a while back about maintaining and rehabilitating your “lady parts” through kegel exercises and aids. Unfortunately, my issues were unresolvable via more conservative methods such as those Maria described: physical therapy and the like. (Apparently, carrying children extremely low and having two pregnancies (one twin), will “do things” down there…. Who knew?! **said with extreme sarcasm**)

Pelvic surgery was required. For those who are interested, I had an anterior colporrhaphy performed. (Google it only if you don’t get grossed out by medical things.) I will spare you the specifics, but it was a pain in the butt, pun intended. I did, however, enjoy a week-long convalescence at my friend’s mom’s house…. Then, back to reality. I have fully recovered and am definitely procrastinating on surgery #2.

A side note:

Ladies, PLEASE don’t feel that whatever is different/malfunctioning with your body after having children is something you have to live with. We live in an advanced time. Things can be corrected—easily. Gone are the days of our mothers and grandmothers who had and currently need to use adult diapers or pads for the rest of their lives due to incontinence after childbirth. Often, simple exercises and physical therapy can do the trick. If not, depending on your situation, there may be quick and easy outpatient procedures, and of course, major surgery. Point being, it’s likely fixable.

Issues in the rear? Same goes for that. After my first, I was left with some lovely friends on my posterior (hemorrhoids). I had them treated, in-office, with what’s called a banding procedure. Super simple. Slightly uncomfortable for about 30-45 minutes after each treatment. Easy-peasy.

When I found out I was having my twins I did not complete the remaining banding treatments as I knew I would need to return again after they were born. And…I was correct! Unfortunately, due to the weight of carrying TWO normal-sized babies (they were each the same size as my first at delivery, 7lbs 11oz!) and once again carrying extremely low, coupled with low blood pressure, it equaled the perfect recipe for nightmare-inducing hemorrhoids.

No banding can fix what my three boys have done!

Under the knife I must go…. Hence, the need for surgery #2. On which I am procrastinating. Big time. My first procedure was more surgically complex, yet the next is far more painful as far as recovery is concerned, according to every professional I have spoken with (gynecologist, urogynecologist, colorectal surgeon…). So, once I can psyche myself up for it and magically find a time where I can have two full weeks of recovery, I will schedule it….

But I digress.

Ladies, PLEASE see your gynecologist. Get that referral to a specialist. Make the time to put yourself back together!


Stay tuned for Part 2 of my How Life Got In The Way post series. It’s been almost a year and a lot has happened. To be continued…


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