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Oh Hi, Ojai! A Child-Free Mini Vacation

Ojai (pronounced OH-hi). One of the most beautiful places to visit in Southern California. We were lucky enough to spend 2 days there child-free (shout out to Grandma and Grandpa for watching the boys!) and I felt it was my civic duty to share with you this hidden gem. The drive to Ojai took us […]

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preschool teacher

An Open Letter To My Son’s Preschool Teacher

To My Son’s Preschool Teacher, You are a Goddess among women. You are a Queen. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. You take in other people’s children and you love them like you would love your own child. You have been a gift to our family. A gift that other people just were not […]

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youtube kids

Why We Quit YouTube Kids

Yes you read that right. We. Ditched. YouTube Kids. Even writing it has me wondering if the YouTube police are going to come knocking at our door. It’s been about a year since our last foray with YouTube Kids and quitting it was one of the best decisions I forced upon my family. There were […]

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autism and arlo

Autism And Arlo – Update

In September I wrote a post about my sweet Arlo and his surprise autism diagnosis. We’ve had a few messages asking how our little whirlwind is doing, so I figured it was time to write an update. I was so touched to hear that my post about autism and Arlo had resonated with people, and […]

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face masks

Five Of The Best Face Masks Around, And Why We LOVE Them

I have this thing for face masks. For all things beauty-related actually, but particularly face masks. I could write all day about various lotions and potions I have tried. I am certainly not a beauty ‘expert’ but what I am is a regular every day mum who happens to enjoy beauty products. This week I […]

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The Story Of A Disorganized Mom

I recently took the Clifton Strengths test for a conference I attended. It won’t surprise anyone who knows me well to hear most of my results fell into the Relationship Building category. People are my strength. I have always considered myself a people person, though I was surprised to discover, of my 5 strengths, 4 […]

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museum of ice cream

The Museum Of Ice Cream

Yes you read that right; there is a museum of ICE CREAM in Los Angeles, right on our doorstep. And it’s EPIC.  This place is literally an Instagrammer’s dream. My boys were in awe of the beautiful millennials and their photography skills. (Who am I kidding. So was I. Did my skin ever look that […]

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Spinning The Plates Of Motherhood

In my previous life as a teacher, my boss used to talk about spinning plates, and how we couldn’t always keep all of the plates spinning. Sometimes we have to let a plate drop so we can keep all the other plates going. It’s something that stuck with me then and continues to stick with […]

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