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When, Oh When, Did You Go from Baby to Toddler-

When, Oh When, Did You Go from Baby to Toddler?

When did you go from baby to toddler? Less than two years ago you were growing inside of me and now you are running circles around my feet.  When was the precise moment you stopped being a baby? Was it your first gurgle, that turned into a smile, that transformed into a contagious and priceless giggle? Was […]

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Dol for a Little Seoul- A Korean First Birthday Celebration

Dol for a Little Seoul: A Korean First Birthday Celebration

Birthdays, whether we like it or not, are a universally celebrated milestone.  Jewish culture commemorates with a bar/bat mitzvah, Mexican culture with a quinceañera.  Korean custom does not disappoint with the first birthday or doljanchi (dol). Dol celebrations stemmed from an unfortunate Korean past of high infant mortality rates, harsh climates and childhood disease.  After the age of 1, survival rates steeply […]

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Formula: My Love/Hate Relationship

This month my daughter turned 1. It was an especially reflective and emotional moment in motherhood for me. As cliche as it sounds, I simply couldn’t comprehend how quickly a year went by.  How could this little being grow so rapidly? And with that question, parenthood really sunk in. For some the 1-year-old milestone is a […]

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