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Panic on an Airplane

The airplane started bouncing and all I could think was this is not happening; I can’t die on a work trip. Flight attendants had to sit the entire duration of the flight — there was no beverage service. It was a survive-the-flight kind of trip. I kept looking around at all of the other passengers […]

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What I’ve Learned from Clothes Shopping

I had a moment yesterday when I inserted my card into the chip reader. The moment where my nose crinkled, my heart fluttered and my brain got a little warm. I was spending a hefty chunk of change on some new clothes…for me. Not my kids, not my husband, not on house necessities, but all […]

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Heather Moulden Real Estate Family Story

Dear Hospital Mom, You Are Not Alone

It was early afternoon, and my hand was stretched through a plastic case gripping on to his hand. His tiny fingers wrapped around my thumb. He writhed from the pain medication, gasping for air. His pulse-ox monitor, and every other machine that was hooked up to him, wildly binging. I felt like it should have […]

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What I've LearnedFrom My Modern Family Mom

What I’ve Learned From My Modern Family Mom

Growing up I never knew my family was different. Looking back now through the lens of my own family, I realize that having three half brothers and two step-siblings is a veritable melting pot of temperaments, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Why? Because I was taught how to love unconditionally. I know, […]

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