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What Happened to Please and Thank You?

I walked in to Home Depot the other day to get a gift card for my brother-in-law’s birthday. I didn’t see them at the registers when I first walked in, so I stood in line, waited my turn, and then asked the cashier where I could get a gift card. She pointed me down a […]

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How I Met Your... Father

How I Met Your… Father.

Dear Mason, If I were to tell you the story of how I met your father, you would probably laugh. It’s not your everyday, typical romance story and we definitely weren’t high school or college sweethearts – in fact, we lived hundreds of miles away from each other and didn’t even know each other back […]

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Social Media Favorites

Social Media Favorites : Snapchat vs Instagram

Social media is all the rage right now – Instagram, Facebook, Periscope, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, and the list goes on. Basically you name it, someone is using it. These days, people use the different social media channels for so many different things. Small business owners are using Instagram to show their items and run their […]

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